Your true brand is in you. It's there waiting to be uncovered.  

Chances are you've done some work to develop your brand, but if you still don't know what to say in your self-introduction, or what type of content to post on social media, you brand isn't fully developed. And, if it's not developed it can't be realized. Most importantly, it can't become the foundation of amazing marketing and sales conversations that create more engagement and more customers!

If you recognize yourself in this discussion, I invite you to join us for Your Big Bold Brand Virtual Workshop. This live implementation workshop will get you:


Clear on what makes you truly special in your marketplace and why it matters.


Uniquely positioned so that no other business compares to you, and this one thing will allow you to charge more.


To unlock your message, purpose, and vision in ways that let you re-imagine your business.

YOUR HOST Abigail Tiefenthaler Founder, Sweetspot Strategies Inc. 

Session 1 - Tuesday, September 5th, 7:00 pm-9:00 pm EST Session 2 - Tuesday, September 12th, 7:00 pm-9:00 pm EST Session 3- Tuesday, September 19th, 7:00 pm-9:00 pm EST Make-Up Session - Tuesday, September 16th 10:00am - 12:00pm EST 

All sessions are recorded.

Each session is live, interactive, and will be recorded. These sessions will help you passionately and confidently learn to embrace your ideal brand, your ideal customer, and your ideal position so that your marketing becomes a magnet for your ideal prospects!

FREE Registration Bonuses

1. "The Master Pre-Marketing" Checklist - a comprehenisve guide to the top things you need to do before you invest time, money or energy into any marketing activities. 

2. "Assembling Your Dream Team" Checklist - helps you build a solid, supporting team to help accomplish your business goals. 

3. Receive 2 private 45-min. phone calls with Abigail! Gain more insight with these one-on-one calls.


"Abigail is a true branding expert. She knows what she's doing and is amazing at honing in on what is really important and special about my brand. She helped advance my business to the next level as well as myself as a business owner. While under Abigail's consulting wings she boosted my confidence in key areas necessary to move my company to success. She does her research and found my business a niche that is truly unique in my very competitive space and she worked hard to get me to the right place at the right time. I thank her for all she has done to inspire me to take the next step."  

Karen, Home Health Services, FL


"When I first met Abigail I had just started following a marketing program, but wasn't getting any traction with it. Working with Abigail I quickly realized that her ideas were a lot better than the program I bought. I had a name and clients, but no brand visibility so my growth was stagnant. We fine-tuned my brand and put brand elements in place so I could show up consistently. Most importantly, she helped me develop a marketing plan that was simple to follow and maximized my existing materials. She encouraged me to niche my IT company and it took 6 months to finally say "Yes." Two years later my IT consulting company is thriving and I still only focus on one industry. Recently, I attended an industry event and everyone commented on how well my table reflected my company. I told them it's all because I work with an amazing branding and marketing expert! Thank you Abigail for helping me scale my business while narrowing my focus."

Stuart, IT Consultant, FL

Do you have questions? Give me a call and let's make sure this is a good next step for you and your business. ~Abigail 

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